Witch’s Hat Part 1

Contents of Kit: Precut Board Sawtooth Wall Hanger Buckle White Chipboard Instructions Illustrations Color Cover Sheet Choosing Fabrics Picking out fabrics is one of my

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Witch’s Hat Part 2

Remove Paper Pattern Piece.  Cut (qty. 2) pieces, measuring 2″ X 6″ using your Border Fabric.   Place Fabric on the adhesive and then pin the

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Charlotte Part 1

Contents of the kit include: Sharp #10 Needle Embroidery #5 Needle DMC 6 Strand Hank Perle Cotton 8 Hank Precut Wool Felt Pieces (7) Glass

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Charlotte Part 3

Place the Hat on a White Charlotte Base.  There will be a thin White Felt rim showing under the Hat Brim.  Do not trim.  Optional: 

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Charlotte Part 4

First trim any White Felt peeking out of the Red Hat.  Be careful – don’t trim too much.  Next Fine the center of the Hat

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Betsy The Cow How-To Part 1

Betsy the Cow Quilt Board Contents: Precut Board, Waxed Linen, Sawtooth Wall Hanger, White Chip Board, Written Instructions and Illustrations Choosing Fabrics Picking out fabrics

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September Quilt Board Projects - Witch's Boot & Hat

In September we will start with the Witch’s Hat and then the Witch’s Boot.  There will be in depth instructions from start to finish.  Have fun choosing fabrics to make the projects uniquely yours.  Display them on a table easel next to a bowl of candy corn and a pumpkin.  

Fabric Requirements for Witch’s Hat:

  • 45″ X 2″ for Border  (pictured – stripe)
  • 5″X4″ for Hat sash (pictured orange)
  • 6″X6″ for Hat
  • 6″X6″ background (pictured white with polka dot)
  • Buckle is included with Quilt Board
  • Take 15% off through September – use coupon code:  HAT2022


Fabric Requirements for the Witch’s Boot:

  • 45″X2″ for Border (pictured – stripe)
  • 5″X4″ (pictured – orange)
  • 5″X5″ (pictured purple)
  • 5″X5″ Boot (pictured with orange circles)
  • 2″X2″ (pictures black heel)
  • 6″X6″ background (pictured white with polka dots)
  • Take 15% off through September – use coupon code: HAT2022


September Wool Felt Project - Scare-Crow

The September Wool Felt Project will be Scare-Crow.  A great beginner project.  Four different stitches are used throughout the project.  Everything is included in the kit; needles, floss, precut wool felt pieces, raffia, etc.  A wonderful wall hanging to spice up your Halloween decor.  You will need 

  • Scissors
  • (Optional) Fabric Spray Adhesive such as 505 or Fabric Glue Stick


August Quilt Board - Betsy the Cow

August Wool Felt Applique Kit Charlotte

Charlotte is our August Wool Felt Project.  A fun ornament with 7 different stitches; Back Stitch, Blanket Stitch, Bullion Stitch, French Knot, Split Elongated Fly Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch, & Whip Stitch.  Everything is included in the kit, needles, floss, precut wool felt pieces, raffia, glass beads, and bronze bells.  Fun Christmas ornament, package decoration etc.

Future Projects

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